Why This Year Belongs to FIFA 15!

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin

As we all know, there are many games for us to choose, inclduing Electronic Arts, Konami, Fifa, PES, titanic struggle. While both FIFA coins and PES are a famous game about football, which one is best for football fans to choose. This is really a big question. Today we would like to compare these two games and tell you which one is better.

As the old saying goes, different people have different opinions. In my opinion, I think this year is belong to FIFA 15. As we all know, before the FIFA 15 launched, there are so many news about FIFA 15 it has been a hot topic in football gamers. There are so many FIFA fans in the world and it has increased thousands of increased gamers after FIFA 15 launched.

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The changes of FIFA 15

As we all know, before the FIFA 15 launched, there was a FIFA 15 demo for FIFA fans to experience to FIFA 15 charming. It offered FIFA gamers to leave the comments and their opinions to the FIFA 15. What’s more, they also hold the comments and gamers can give some advice and tell the EA Sports and they have a group to fix these issues. FIFA 15 added emotional intellengce and there are more than 200 hundreds of facial expression for the gamers to choose. Also they added the celebration and you can choose your mode to celebrate when you score a goal or lose a goal. In addition to these, there are safe fifa coins web app for different consoles. All these all great changes .

All in all, comparing to the PES which will be launched on December, there are encough time for the FIFA 15 to find the issues and fix these issues in time. Untill december, FIFA 15 has been a perfect games than PES. It is obvious for the gamers to see this year belongs to FIFA 15. We have to say something to the FIFA 15, you are the wise and far-sighted man.

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