Three reasons for start from the bottom in FIFA 15.

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin

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It’s mainly for three reasons that we really not be able to keep our cards and coins and have to start from the bottom.Don’t be hypocrites!

It may be not exciting to play the same game  again and again.Going back to square, especially when everyone is doing the same,it can be more interesting than it seems to be even though you might already have a good team.This is a goog chance for you to take the advantage of what you’ve learned from a few mistakes you made in this years.And it is also a opportunity to do it in the right way and reach perfection.It will help you save lots of  coins throughout the year to buy several managers right at the start.For example,before the price of a great player starts to rise madly,buy it.It will not take a long time that you realize that you are going to follow this awesome site’s tips and you will get Messi this time.

That’s quite enough for players to have motivation of building a  new team.However,the only true objective for EA Sport to carry on is money!Imaging that  FUT 15 is a completely new game and all those cards and coins are “vanish”.The profit they get will be ridiculously high.Except for forcing players to buy the new packs, it’s a new world for the FUT gaming community.All the old cards and coins in FIFA 14 go to waste and everything loses its value  to another in this moment.Don’t think the shares of the FIFA business we are talking is small.The annual growth rates of FIFA digital game sales have increased up to 80% and the money EA Sport makes by selling FUT packs is more than the actual game.

Logistics Problems

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There will be other problems on the game’s mechanics if players carry everything in FUT 14 into FIFA 15.And there will be an end for EA.However, this will make the game more unfair and confusing.The same player having several different rated cards because the season has ended.What’s the logic?Your players are underrated just because they’ve had a worse season.Is it fair?You have spend millions of coins since start the game while while others pay nothing.Where is the fair play?All all prices are ridiculously high so it would make the game unsustainable for beginners.Let the coin flow be managed is really necessary.We can have a fair, competitive and sustainable game just in this way.As soon as we start a new game, this can only be done.

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