The Release Date of FIFA15: Both Playable Teams and Platforms

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin



From the latest news, it is not hard for us to find that EA Sports have provided less details about the latest version of its football player simulation although there are many news about the FIFA 15 demo version. They just tell us the released date of its team ratings on its official website is on the September 9. From the official news, we can learn that Barcelona have got the two highest individual ratings . The first one is attackers at 87 and the second one is midfielders at 84.

What’s more, EA Sports also released the the best clubs. The Defending English Premier League champions Manchester City are among of them which is in the game with its defenders, midfielders and attackers all getting rating more than 80. At the same time, Chelsea are the other team which can match the ratings trifecta.

After we talked about the team ratings, let us go on another topic which is about the five of the top 10 players in EA’s Top 50is going to have access to use in the demo, including  Barcelona’s Lionel Messi (93, No. 1 player overall), Andres Iniesta (89) and Luis Suarez (89), PSG’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic (90) and Chelsea’s Eden Hazard (88).

What we need to pay attention to is there are only two weeks for us to wait before we can play the full-length version ofFIFA 15, although the EA Sports has released teh FIFA 15 demo which is smart. The FIFA 15 is just the game and the same as the sport, which is getting beter and becoing bigger year after year. There is Marc Graser of variety reported during the summer which FIFA 14 ahs received a huge sales spike because of the World Cup.

According to the FIAF games, we have learnt about the power which is about the video games is famous for a sport. Do you know how many people are there sitting in expectation for the release of the latest Madden video game in August? It is a good way to make the influence with the game you favourite which is not able to be available.

As to the sports, it may always be a fantasy life for the fans on the outside. Wehn the video games make you become closer to acyually living the dream, just like its without any glitz and glamour once the system is turned off. Anyway, it is just like we hold the opinion that the developers have spend time in making the experience of playing a video game much closer to the real life and real thing.

Of course you can get your firsth and spend your tim eto experience with the latest football player experience right now. But before all of this, you should have an Xbox One and then you have a PS4 as soon as possible. The FIFA games is similar to the World Cup and make football fans excite and feel the World Cup has never gone away.

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