The FIFA 15 Demo First Impressions On Community

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin

As a real fan of EA Sports FIFA franchise, it is a pubilc secret which is about the FIFA 15 demo can be download yesterday. As a super fan of EA Sports FIFA franchise, you may already downloaded the new demo. Thus you must be busy and want to play the FIFA 15 demo day and night. But you can stop a mimute and show other fans your first expressions of the FIFA 15 demo. It is a good chance for us to know the opinion of other players just like you.

FIFA15 demo

All this, and so on, is really different people unwise. Maybe you don’t know how to express your excitement or you don’t know what to say first about teh FIFA 15 demo. There are some suggestions can do you a favor to talk about the topic and you may be interested for most of the community:

Global opinion: better or worse than FIFA 14 ?

Menus Desing

Installation Issues

Another problems like freezings and lags

Difficulty level: more easy or more difficult ?

Game Velocity

Heading Bug


Goalkeeper Improvements


New Animations

Players faces

New sound effects and commentaries

Favourite Player

Favourite Team

Major negative and positive points

FIFA15 demo

If you have interested in any topic, you can use the comments to express your feeling and opinion. It is a good way and stage to share yourself. At the same time, you may pay attention to one thing. That is you should show your respect to the other players. It is a great way for EA Sports to listen to the FIFA gamers opinion and it is a good channel to learn gamers’ heats and find some bugs or problem and then fix to make the FIFA 15 more pefect.

You have no idea about the FIFA 15 or even never play the FIFA game, but you cannot ignore teh influence made by FIFA 15 demo that was be released a few weeks ago. The FIFA 15 demo can be available for free to any gamer with XBox One, Playstation 4, XBox 360, Playstation 3 or PC and with an internet connection. (XBox Live Silver subscribers will be available only at 16th).

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