The Chemistry Influencing Factors For FIFA 15

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin

As we all know, it is the very important part for a player to learn about the chemistry influecing factors for FIFA 15 which have a great influnce to the player performance in the games and it is also a good way for you to make your teammate to have a good cooperation when you are playing FIFA 15. Today we are going to talk about the chemistry influenceing factors and how to improve it.

1.Player Position

When we are playing safe  FIFA 16 , we may need to spend many times to choose the players and give them a compatible situations. The first thing before we choose the situatuation for the players is that we need to pay attention to the players characters and skills and then choose the natural position for them so that they can create a good chemistry in the games.

FIFA 15 chemistry

As we all know, we can check the player to see the natural position of the player. We need to know that the first situation refers to both the same situation. It is easy for us to text the chamistry when you try to put the player in a strange situation and it may be a new trying. After you do that, you may have your own idea about the player position.

2.Relation with the other Players

FIFA 15 relation

When you are comparing the two players, you may find that it is easy for the player to create chemistry when you choose the higher one. This is because there is the chemistry link between the two players in a team and they need to have a cooperation to win the games. We usually conclude the chemistry link for four types, incluing Dead Link, Weak, Strong, Hyper.What really counts for the individual chemistry is the summation of the intensities of the connections that a specific player has. Each player’s attributes are affected and not necessarily his relation with the team mates buy fifa coins.

3.Relation with the Manager

FIFA 15 manager

It will make you have more chances to win the games if you pay attention to the manager when you are playing FIFA 15. Thus it is very important to have a good manager when your team has a worse relationships with the players. You should try your best to match the manager nationality or the manager league with the higher number of players from the start eleven.

4.Loyalty with the Club

FIFA 15 loyalty

Loyalty was designed to further reward UT players for opening packs or keeping a player for an extended amount of games. After 10 matches of playing with the same player, or using a player pulled from a pack, the player will receive a bonus to his Individual Chemistry. He only needs one of these two things to get the bonus.

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