The Celebration Between FIFA 15 Balotelli and Liverpool squad

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin


The new result between Liverpool and Spurs has come out yesterday. Yet EA gave another tease to stimulate fans desire, which is about the expectation between Balotelli which belongs to Liverpool FC team as FIFA 15 starts later this month.

What is more important is that it seems that we now steal a glance of the official Balotelli FIFA 15 celebration during the game. However, please wake up , it is not the like the “Hulk”, you should keep yourself real.


The Daley Rashly Joins Di Maria at Man Utd in FIFA 15

In contrast, Super Mario looked on and did nothing and he was indifferent to the game. He just paid attention to the fresh graphics engine which will be characterized with next-gen and PCversions in the game.

When we look on another great image, it is easy for us to see the graphics which is including the entire Liverpool FCsquad to celebrate the Mario Balotelli’s goal.Comparing to the visuals that we have seen in FIFA 14,  the whole thing is really showing great impressive to us.


Sadly, we are blind to the platform which lots of images have been driven from. However, whether is next-gen or PC, both of them are safe to us. Thus will you be playing as Mario Balotelli as your primary striker in FIFA 15 in normal modes and FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?

Whether you feel happy or sad about the celebration. You could watch the entire process at the FIFA Facebook page of EA. Would you rather see the Hulk, the reason is just because your tease is the same as your friends.

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