The Best Buy This week For FIFA 15

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin

As we all know, as FIFA fans, you must know that the FIFA 15 has released. As FIFA fans, you must be happy about the released of full FIFA 15 for Xbox in Canada and be sad about that the full FIFA 15 can be played for six hours. As FIFA fans, you must pay more attention to the news of FIFA 15 day and night and you may be excited for the released closer and closer and you must have this kind of thoughts which is every day is a year long. As there are only several days for the released of FIFA 15, we need have the best buy to get FIFA 15.


Over the last month, there are already two other primary released sports titles form EA Sports which is Maddena nd NHL. Now it’s the stage for FIFA 15 and it is time for the FIFA 15 released which is regarded as the most famous games year after year. In the first year, you must wait for long time but there is not to be released on PS 2, and the waiting results is that FIFA 15 is going to launch on both PS 3 and PS 4. As for this, there is a combination deal which is offered by Best Buy, that is you can save on a 12 Month PS Plus membership card with the purchase of FIFA 15 for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3.

You may have the thoughts that there is no need for you to need a PS Plus subscription when you play on PS3, while it is necessary for those who are looking to play online on PS4 to need to subscribe to PS Plus. It is typical to retail at $49.99, and you are going to get the 12 Month PS Plus card for only $39.99 as long as it is in the same transaction as FIFA 15 for either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 at Best Buy.

EA Sports has a cooperation with Microsoft for specified on the Xbox versions of the game, but unfortunately there is no equivalent offer with Xbox Live Gold here at Best Buy this week.