Speed Kills For Dallas Against Vancouver

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin

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As we all know, speed is a key element for a football player to play a beautiful game. Watching the FIFA 14 preview of this week, it is exciting for us to see FC Dallas used theirs to get a goal early and it is common for him to play against a visiting Vancouver side that didn’t really have an idea about the answer.

When the game played at 24th minute, it is surprise for us to see Andres Escobar made a nice run up the wing and cut inside at the same time he found Tesho Ankindele for the easy trap-in. It seems that the Vancouver who is a defenders is very overmatched not onlu in agility but also in speed.

After in the first half, the Fabian Castillo went all Fabian Castillo. He cut inside from the left side and split two defenders, firing a super-accurate shot into the far left corner of the net to give the Hoops a 2-0 lead. There is a little slump lately to Castillo, while it seems that Vancouver just like the kind of team to do a favor to him to break out of it.



In the second half, in order to score from Pedro Morales, Vancouver showed a little bit and taken advantage in some weak passes at the back of the Dallas midfield in the 66th minute. In fact, Morales is worthy of the name to be the number 10, who has controlled the football during the second half by putting lots of strain on Dalla central midfield.

In the second half, Raul Fernandez was the standout and attracked many fans and gamers. At the same time, in the second frame, the younger keeper has made five saves by stopping lots of long-distance shots from Vancouver. When the defense has abandoned lots of shots, it is time for Fernandez to begin to become confortable. Most of them are from far-encough away so that Fernandez was able to get a good line and stop the shot.

The Hoops central midfield which has been sent scrambling during the second half and then gots its revenge in the end. When the game played in the 82nd munute, Mauro Diaz took the opportunity to got across from Escobar. Someone may think it must be the first time to hit it, but Diaz tried his best to control the football and got through getting a goal, which would be able to the last score of the game. However, Dallas started to make a run to the playoffs and then make much noise as soon as they get there. It is just like Diaz healthy which is the weapon to him.

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