Real-Time Strategic Actions for FIFA 15 Demo

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin


There is a good news and a bad news. Which one you want to learn first? The bad news is our Adam who is going for writing posts on FIFA games, but now he is off on holidy this week. The good news is I will be the track. Hey there, FIfans! (I imagine that’s the term.) EA yesterday released a FIFA 15 demo, so we might finally answer the question on all of our lips: have they managed to keep the action lively for the fifteenth game (fifteen! can you imagine?) in their real-time tactical series? I strapped on my leg armour to find out.

If you ever played Unreal Tournament’s Bombing Run mode, you may know the basics,in order to raise control  of a bomb and launch it into the enemy’s goalzone, the two teams are fighting. So you may see the melee attacks and there is a tracker by playing from a third-person perspective and there are also eleven chracters for you. You need to make yourself control immediately and then change in real-time when an AI babysits the rest.

FIFA15 demo

As we all know, the most important thing is the bomb and you may need to realise quickly which is the key elements for you to control space. The secret is that you should make use of your active chap to deny areas and plug up the enemies, blocking their paths and options and make yourself a futher than nipping at their ankles. To be honest, it is permitted to accept a little violence, but there is a little curious. It is cunning but awfully interesting. It is only a little dispoointed for me because I cannot control eleven man at once.

There are six faction for the FIFA 15 demo, including Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bor. Dortmund, Napoli, PSG, FC Barcelona, and Boca Juniors. Although there are differences between each sportsman, they play about the same and without unique skills or customisable gear.  If you do want stats, though, the demo has a slice of its Ultimate Team mode, a squad-building collectible card game sort of thing.

FIFA15 demo

Someone may be curious about the FIFA 15’s graphical detail which goes down to even personal blades of grass while the terrain is just a flat field. Someone may ask a question. Why there are some interesting obstacles? It may be refered to the well-modelled crowds as well or maybe there are a neutral third faction both sides in control.

We may think the cinematics are absurd, wedging in narrative nonsense. There are many lore, guff  and teh last cutscene for each match which are all downright absurd. When the victorious players leapt over hugging each other and even erected a miniature stage tos p ray confetti from cannons and award themselves a trophy, it is not hard for us to find the defeated crumpled to the floor. In my opinion, I think this part can skip.

As a FIFA gamer, I just played only one or two of the earlier FIFA games. So I make sure I can make a rational comment about FIFA  Anyway, if you have your idea or opinion about the FIFA 15, you can leave the comment for us.

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