Is it the end of EA coming? — Forum by Tête-à-Tête with Silvio Teixeira.

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin

Is it the end of EA coming -- Forum by Tête-à-Tête with Silvio Teixeira.jpg

Silvio Teixeira said there is no much possible for Era to go to an end becayse EA may forcing a condition to make things go as they want.However,it must be totally a tragedy for a large group of poeple if EA go to an end.Brazil is still one of the five biggest FIFA sellers in the world even if there is the exists of piracy on existing consoles.It will be a good opportunity for Konami to surpass EA’s Football if the game still keeps the large amount of defect from FIFA 14 and divide from the Brazilian clubs.

As soon as Konami does the job well,switching to PES will be no longer just the hating speech by a few players have against EA but a cruel reality.For example,for a few weeks I played PES this year,it was released and showed itself to be quite better than last year’s version. However,it is still “false” for whom is arranged to the “weight” of the ball on FIFA. EA is like a racer who is after but has achieve lots of good advantage than the second one and these advantages can let EA make a few stops without worry about

being passed by competitors.But if the second place guy keeps making that extra effort, the day that he pass EA must come eventually. This football game is good but there are only two alternatives.It’s a disrespect for the customer.

Because people think Konami is better and it’s more about it not being as bad as PES,the preference to FIFA doesn’t really happen in these days.

Since there’s no way we can do all the trading through the console and the web app doesn’t work,let’s image this to the absence of trade.And then add the reality that there is an notification that according to whatever emotional state the player might be in there will be this performance changer,not controlled or accessible from the outside,and it will  make Bernard win a header against Vidic finally.

In that case,it would not be an accident but the result of using some serious drugs.


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