Is It FIFA 15 Broken On Mobile?

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin

As the old saying goes, every coin has two sides. It is impossible for all the people to think the only person is good guy. Different people have different views. Some FIFA fans still like the FIFA 14 and enjoy the game, while other games think FIFA 15 is really amazing. Thus there are some FIFA 14 fans think FIFA 15 is not good encough and even they hold the opinion that FIFA 15 is really broken on mobile on mobile-centric sites like Touch Arcade and Pocket Gamer. It is a common thing for a game to meet this situation. It may be a high quality gameplay to overshadow through their inability to reach the number one. It may be just personal opinion and there are any comments about this isse. We have to say it realy has many issuse when gamers play FIFA 15 on mobile or they try to play the new Ultimate Team.

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There is a conslusion for FIFA 15 issues, including Deadspin’s Tim Burke, end players’ connections right at the end of a match, thereby failing to register the match’s successful completion. This may be the common and angry issue for FIFA 15 fans. We really sorry to hear that but we still have confidence for the EA Sports Team to try their best to show us a better FIFA 15 and attract mor people fall in love with FIFA 15 at the same time. It seems that it will be a long way for EA Sportes to improve the FIFA series.

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Due to FIFA 15 just launched for several month and there must be many problems need to fixed and there are more or less some issues found by the FIFA 15 fans. We would like to say only when thousands of gamers play FIFA 15 in different modes and in different countries, there will be appearing the problem. All we need to is try to make yourself have a forbearing heart and give time for EA to fix these problems and make FIFA 15 perfect.

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