How does the TOTY Market Crash effect affect player prices in the transfer market?

Posted on 09/01/2019 by admin

The large number of open packs creates an oversupply of players. At the same time, the demand for normal gold players is decreasing because many gamblers want to include TOTY cards in their team.

A larger supply and falling demand together compensate for the extreme price loss of many FUT cards for the team of the season.

We will explain why you should sell your team as quickly as possible and what you need to know about the FIFA 19 TOTY market crash.

Note: the following information is based on experiences from previous FIFA components. Market behavior can never be accurately predicted and can be processed differently than expected by EA or events or SBCs. That is why all tips must be treated with care and at your own risk.

FIFA 19 TOTY Investment Tips – When and who should you buy and sell?

Why would you sell your players now?

If the market crash comes only for the TOTY release – which is expected on Junaury 7, why already make their own players for the FIFA 19 Coins now?

– The reason is mainly due to ‘Youtube hype’. As soon as many FIFA streamers and youtubers publish videos that predict the market crash and recommend the sale of their tickets, the prices will fall. The big Youtubers have a particularly heavy impact. When these videos arrive, many of the fans sell their players and continue to buy them. This means that the burglary does not suddenly come to the release, but slowly before the TOTY starts.

– It is also assumed that the FIFA 19 FUTmas is released to the TOTY, which gives FUTmas players SBCs and promo packs. Again, many players buy and draw packs and there is a smaller market crash.

When do you have to buy players?

– Last year, around this time players peak after rising Black Friday crash, then drop off around 10-15 December due to FIFA 19 FUTMAS, XMas and TOTY, being at their lowest around TOTY midfielders.

– As soon as FIFA 19 TOTY falls into the FUT packs, countless packs will be opened this week, the market will be flooded and the biggest market crash of the year will occur. The prices of other players fall into the bottomless. In advance, many fans sell their players to have a lot of coins for the packs for the TOTY week. Last year, the biggest drop was actually the first day that defenders were in packs, but we will break this up as we get closer to the release. So we think this is the best time to buy your team back.

Which players should you sell, which ones should you keep?

– Not all players are worth selling. Gold players that are close to the starting price, so cost less than 1000 coins, will logically not much further decline.

– Even highly rated players who are rarely played and have opportunities for a TOTY card are unlikely to lose value. Examples are Kylian Mbappé, Cristiano Ronald or Lionel Messi.

– For golden cards with a rating of 83 or 84, which are not played, but mainly used for SBCs, it is difficult to predict. They are the most unstable of all cards.

– The biggest losers are cards that are popular and often played. These include highly rated players with a high price or cards in the lower 80th range, which cost considerably more than most of their rating cards. These players will probably sell them quickly to prevent loss.

– In addition, of course you keep his exchangeable cards. From this you can put together a team for the transition period, so that you can continue denying games. In addition, cheap, but still strong players can be used.

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