How Do You Improve Your FIFA 19 Gameplay?

Posted on 02/01/2019 by admin

Do not neglect the fast tactics

FIFA’s fancy new tactic system, which allows you to set individual strategies for the five mentalities (from ultra-defensive to ultra-attacking), helps change a game’s turn. Make sure you customize each one of them so you can keep a lead through the defensive, while an offensive stacks the players forward.

However, you should not disregard FIFA’s fast tactics that you can activate with the D Pad. Press and then right to push the full-backs forward as you press the wingers up and to the left of the sideline. Go to Basic Controls> Tactics to see all the options. You can either press up or down in the game to see your attack or defense options.

Tap Shooting

The shot from FIFA 18 was a reliable way to score points: you activated your shot and pressed the shooting button again just before contact. Of course, this does not work in FIFA 19 due to the new timed finishing system. Therefore, you must hold R1 and L1 and shoot to push the ball down.

They are still fairly reliable, but we’ve found that simply using a normal low power shot at about 1 bar force is a consistent way to make one-to-one talks. Just make sure you get to the penalty spot or closer, as one farther away and the keeper has more than enough time to save and aim at the corners.

Master the first touch and the volley movement

FIFA 19 passes the first touch and you can now move the ball in any direction with the right club. When you are in the right position and the ball is coming towards you, the ball is lifted off the ground with the right club. This is good if you put him down for a defender or, more meaningfully, for a volleyball.

I would not recommend it if a defender stays near you, as he normally only fights for the ball. But if you have room, hit the stick toward the target. It will be perfect for a volleyball game and you will test the keeper reliably. Hold L2 / LT for an acrobatic attempt.

Alternatively, you can simply click in the right club before you receive the ball. The ball is still pushed up but not so high that the ball stays closer to you. Use the left stick to select the direction in which you want to move it. It works well if a defender is at the very back or if you have found a small bag in the box.

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