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TOTMD1 dropped and so did our jaws as the player ratings far exceeded any logical expectations.  Or at least that was the case for me as I was not expecting end game players from these upgrades at all.  But there they were in God awful colors with glorious ratings.  Having been an avid SIF Mooy user earlier in the year it was a no brainer who I wanted to get my hands on.

Still attached to the 4-1-4-1 FORMATION meant that Mooy would be in one of the three CM POSITIONS and based on his stats I went with a deeper role.  The SHADOW chemistry style added all the right stats in all of the right places and I was hoping this Weekend League would offer “Mooy bang for my buck”… I couldn’t resist.  But in all seriousness it was only a few matches into the weekend and I realize he was doing “Mooy harm than good” (alright I’ll stop) and I shifted to a 4-2-2-2 FORMATION with Mooy as a CDM.  With Gullit tucked in beside him; I found Mooy to be ten times more effective than the first few matches.  Mooy was the paper weight in the following squad:



While the SHADOW chemistry style takes Mooy to 90+ ACCELERATION and SPRINT SPEED, it does not take him into the realm of other FUT speedsters.  With a Kante-ish style of build I thought that Mooy would be flying around the pitch, but in all honesty he was borderline sluggish.  If the squads I faced this weekend are any indication just about everyone has a stacked squad at this point, and Mooy felt like he couldn’t keep up with the lightning pace that now exists Friday-Sunday.

RATING: 3.5/5


Again, just slightly off of the pace of real end game caliber players.  The fact that Mooy was primarily in a defensive role for me almost made this worse as he would receive/dispossess the ball in tight areas on the pitch… and then give the ball right back.  Granted this is a comparison to my usual holding CM in TOTS Goretzka, but that is kind of the point.  Mooy is an insane player by normal standards, but at this point in the game the other players in the midfield are simply a step or two ahead of his abilities.



Based on the mini reviews of Mooy I had read before purchasing him I was expecting to be banging in the goals all weekend long.  The results were mixed in that he can wallop a ball, there is no doubt about it.  Furthermore, the amount of corners Mooy won me alone was enough to put extensive pressure on my opponents.  But the stats don’t lie; despite the defensive position Mooy was in shooting range and presented with enough chances during the weekend that his stats could be doubled if he could find the corners a bit better.  The trajectory of his shots is simply too low off of his foot and goalies constantly got a hand to the ball.  Near the end of the 20 games I found myself hoping that chances wouldn’t fall to Mooy in tight games, which is definitely not ideal for success.

RATING 3.5/5


I would have considered Mooy a complete flop if not for these two areas of his game.  Defensively he is a jack rabbit; bounding all over the pitch and springing into life at the exact right moments.  He picks off endless passes and was vital to maintaining attacks and breaking up would be counter attacks for my opponents.  Additionally, he was always in the right spots when my opponents were in the final third and I can’t count the amount of shots he blocked.  Add to this the fact that Mooy could pick out Waldo in the middle of the crowd and land a ball on top of his striped hat and you actually have a decent player on your hands.




I am not sure why I had it in my mind that SIF Mooy had 99 stamina.  He doesn’t, and nor does TOTMD1 Mooy, who has 91 STAMINA.  A fine margin on one hand, but any match going into extra time left me with a limp noodle in the midfield.  At this point in FUT there is zero room for passengers on the pitch and Mooy was simply enjoy the ride after 80+ minutes throughout the weekend.  80 JUMPING doesn’t make up for his5’8 frame either.  There are some redeeming qualities in the physical department though; 89 STRENGTH puts him in the tiny tank category and it is relatively easy to get your opponents off of the ball when you get into a tackle.  Unfortunately, I can’t help but come back to the stamina issue and it sucks the life out of this rating, much like 90 minutes does to Mooy.


MOOY MOOY MOOY PROBLEMS (Seriously last one)


Reflecting and reading over my review leaves me sounding like I spend 20 games reviewing a mediocre player bordering on unusable.  This is not even close to the case.  In fact, based on other research I have read I think some FUT Managers might suggest I have completely lost the plot on this one.  But when all is said and done I was relieved when I finished my 20th game and could move back to TOTS Goretzka and the slick transition from defending to attacking that he brings to my squad.  Mooy is undoubtedly a rock solid addition to the defensive side of any squad, but a paper weight only serves one function.

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