FIFA 20 Tips On Ultimate Team Trading

Posted on 01/11/2019 by admin

Here’s a list of some of the best tips and tricks for gaming the market, and this could help you get your Modrić, Salah, Van Dijk and De Bruyne supergroup together without breaking the bank.

1. Play the Meta
Not all players are created equal, and not all players — whisper it — play in line with their overall ability score on FIFA. Some players are much more effective than their stats might suggest, buoyed by a high pace score or a weird quirk in the game that sees them valued highly in the community.
You can see this in FIFA 19 with the likes of Marcus Rashford and Davidson Sanchez, players who ballooned in price when FUT players realise their value.
If you’re lucky enough to get hold of this, or with some savvy positioning you can pick these up towards the start of the season cheap, and then sell them on later for big profits once their potential has been recognised by the community at large.
If you’re not savvy at finding these for yourself, you can keep an eye on the FIFA 20 Reddit and other places the community gathers. If one of your cheaper pick-ups becomes fodder for the game’s meta, you’re in the money.

2. Flog your SBC players
This one is plain and simple. Squad Building Challenge (SBC) players have high ratings, but don’t deliver the goods in-game. Sell off your fodder, because we’re here to win, not pad out stats with a high rating that doesn’t deliver anything.
Similarly, it’s good sense to take a minute with your SBC to check yourself, especially if you’re trying to keep up with big-name streamers. The biggest streamers are dropping thousands of pounds on packs for content, buying views and trying to entertain audiences. If your goal isn’t to spend thousands of pounds, steer clear of getting into this mindset.

3. Smash through your challenges
FIFA 20 offers some brilliant rewards for those who complete the in-game challenges, whether in the form of quality, but untradeable, players that can shore up your team while you wheel and deal, or packs of player cards which could let you find a high-value card to sell off for pure profit.
The challenges, to clearly state the point, are essentially free in-game currency, a way to turn your efforts into profit without any outlay.
At the time of writing, completing this week’s objectives will net you an untradeable Edin Džeko, who has 87 Overall score and should be able to bang goals in for you all season without too much fuss. Take a look at your objectives for this week, chances are there’s another stellar player you can get your hands on, too.

4. Game the Weekend League
Buy your cards on Sunday and Monday, as many players will tend to sell some cards off following the Weekend League, either because they’re earned enough coins to buy someone better, or they are rebuilding their team in a grump. Their loss is your gain, and you can often pick up a bargain.
You should sell your cards on Thursday, because Weekend League rewards are often handed out at Thursday, 08:00 UTC, meaning players have FUT coins burning a hole in their pocket, and are eagerly looking to build their team for the Weekend League kickoff on Friday morning.
Take advantage of their greed, and make it big.

5. Hold onto your bronze and silver cards
Sure, the bronze and silver cards don’t appear to have too much use early on in the season, but hold onto them as they become harder to come by as the season goes on.
However, they’re still important for completing your squad building challenges, meaning that you can use them to polish off SBC challenges or even sell them off to other players at a massively inflated price, later in the season.

6. If you have to spend money, do it decisively
So, if you do have hundreds of pounds you didn’t want to do anything with, you can spend it on FUT. We’re not your collective parents, we can’t tell you what to do.
But we can give you some advice. If you are going to spend real cash, do it early and decisively, to take advantage of the lower prices early on. Take Mo Salah for example: the winger has gone from a sub-300k price at the end of September to peaks of 330k in October, and it’s still early in the season.
The usual rules apply: most cards peak in price on Thursdays and Fridays, and go cheaper during the week.

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