FIFA 20 News: FIFA 20 Training Cards

Posted on 10/07/2019 by admin

Training items in FUT 20 are consumable cards that can be applied to a player to increase their attributes by some numbers for the next match. FIFA 20 training cards come in two types:

Player Training Card
Goalkeeper Training Card

Player Training Cards
7 types of Player Training items are available in FFIA 20 which come in three card quality categories as Gold, Silver and Bronze. These training cards can increase a Player attributes of PAC, SHO, PAS, DRI, DEF, PHY or all of them to a specific value. Below is the list and their incremental rates:

All Attributes (Rare) +10 +6 +3
Pace +15 +10 +5
Shooting +15 +10 +5
Passing +15 +10 +5
Dribbling +15 +10 +5
Defending +15 +10 +5
Physicality +15 +10 +5

Goalkeeper Training Cards
Goalkeeper Training cards can increase a goalkeeper’s attributes of DIV, HAN, KIC, REF, SPD, POS or all of them to a specific value. Below is the list of all Goalkeeper Training cards including their incremental value:

All Attributes (Rare) +10 +6 +3
Diving +15 +10 +5
Handling +15 +10 +5
Kicking +15 +10 +5
Reflexes +15 +10 +5
Speed +15 +10 +5
Positioning +15 +10 +5

How to Apply a Training Card to a Player or a Goalkeeper?
To apply a training card to your players or goalkeepers, go to your Squad, select a player, open the Player Action menu (PS4: Squad button / Xbox: X button), choose Apply Consumables option, go to Training tab, select a Player Training card and apply.

Where to find Training Cards
Training card items can be found in the packs and can be gained as rewards. They also can be purchased from the Transfer Market, by searching under Consumable tab and selecting the Type (Player Training / Goalkeeper Training)

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