FIFA 20 Formation and Players in German Bundesliga

Posted on 30/09/2019 by admin

Which players does we can use in raiding of German Bundesliga? A lot of new players don’t know what form and player to use, and today I bring you the recommencement of the raid formation and players in German Bundesliga.

Let’s start with the formation. I’m going to talk about 4-1-2-1-2, and there are RM and LM in the middle. Some non-fans of pure game players can also choose to have no side road but cm formation. It is simple.
Firstly, the goal keeper can choose Sommer who comes from Borussia Monchengladbach. His price is 1k and he can always use until you change to Bernd Leno.
Next is the central defender, first of all, I would like to recommend TAH who comes from Leverkusen. His price is 2k; his speed is not slow; his body is good. It is the choice of CB position.
Bartra, the Spanish central defender from Dort, is a very good player at the center and is very cheap, with only 1k, and he is the best choice of central defender.
Toprak from Dort also works well, and his price is 2k. He is the best choice for CB position.
The full-back was first Lukasz Piszczek who comes from Dort. His price is 3k. He have power and speed, and he is the best choice in the situation that you could not afford to buy the black Joshua Kimmich.
By the way,I will talk about transition stage from the o players to gold team. I suggest you to spend 2k to buy a set of 200 Bundesliga copper card. You don’t use it that is given by the system, because it is according to the nationality, so it will influence the rapport. And then buy gold shows gradually replace copper card.
The left back still chooses the Marcel Schmelzer from Dort. His price is 1k. He is cheap and easy to use. It is the best choice for lb position.
And then the back, the first choice for is Rubén Castro. The speed 80 is very fast in the back. He is the best choice of CDM. His price is 3k.And then the second choice is the player who comes from Wolfsburg. The speed 70 is not fast enough, but his good physical quality makes him have capability in CDM position. In conclusion, he is the best choice for CDM. His price is 1k5.
I want to add a CB. That is Vogt who is Hoffenheimthe’s centre halfback. He has the speed and the power. He is the best the choice of CB position. His price is 1k.

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