FIFA 19 Tips to Avoid Being Locked by Mistake

Posted on 28/12/2018 by admin

Some reasons for the ban

(1) Buy a hacked CDKey or FIFA coins at TB

The reason for this part is mainly that when players buy CDKey, the owner gives a CDKey to activate the game for them. There is a chance of hacked CDKey activation. After purchasing the hacked CDKey, the Origin platform is “currently not logged in”. Immediately, this means that you can buy the same number of FIFA coins, and you are also likely to get hacked and buy FIFA coins. When buying FIFA coins in the region, there will be some dealers who buy FIFA coins at bargain prices, and then directly block the account.

(2) Unusual payment problem with PayPal payment

When Paypal pays, you need to tie a credit card or other payment method. If you pay for FIFA coins with PayPal and log in frequently and unusually, you will be banned. This number will be sent by PayPal. This type of title can generally be resolved, but the process is cumbersome and generally not reimbursed.

An unusually different login means that if your credit card VISA card is processed in China, for example, you are bound to PayPal. Then hang on to VPN, go to the Indian service for a while, go to Hong Kong for a while, go to Argentina for a while. Meanwhile, a PAYPAL A signal is sent that the account is not normal. He will suspect that your credit card has been stolen and then directly prohibit the payment and affect the account.

(3) There is an abnormal problem with credit card payments

This section is mainly caused by the purchase of cheap FIFA coins throughout the district. Currently, most seals are in the Russian service or in some other areas. After purchasing the cheap FIFA coins, the account has the chance to be discovered and sealed. However, the credit card you buy for FIFA coins will be credited back. Therefore, the price of this title is generally low, that is, the number is gone, but the money for the green dot can still return.

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