FIFA 19 Player: Ellison is Furious With EA

Posted on 03/12/2018 by admin

Kevin Ellison is a midfielder who currently plays for Morecambe FC, a club that is playing in League Two, the third football competition of the Football League in England.

Through Twitter, he himself has remarked that he is not happy with the average of 35 of pace that EA Sports has put on his FUT card, and accuses the company of discriminating against him because of his age, since it currently has with 39 years behind him. We do not know if it is a joke or not, he has expressed his discomfort and has told Electronic Arts that he will soon receive news from his lawyer, since he feels discriminated against and thanked them ironically for throwing him out.

Kevin Ellison is a veteran of both football and the FIFA saga and in the 2011 edition had a median pace of 64, and believes that the company should increase this average at least to what he had previously. Do you think that we will see the average rhythm of this player increased by the tweet he has made to Electronic Arts?

What do you think about this?
Do you think Ellison did the right thing by protesting his EA score? From our point of view, it is extremely objective to want to change the rating of a player, since each player can say that it is the perfect 100, but really they are not. As all guys want to get FIFA 19 Players with good ratings via packs opening.

Remember that there have been several players who have complained about their score and EA has been able to reward them. Although, they do not get the 100 they think they deserve, if they get a fair figure. We will have to wait to see if Ellison receives his much-desired change or EA fails to please veterans and young players.