FIFA 19: Mourinho Is Sure Of His Manchester

Posted on 14/11/2018 by admin

José Mourinho believes that Manchester United will soon be among the first four Premier teams. Once there they will consider the challenge to win the title. United are in eighth place with 17 points, five behind Arsenal, who are in fourth position after 10 games. Mourinho is confident that his team can fill this gap and then fly if it is possible to win the 21st championship.

He said: “When you’re out of the first four I do not think you should talk about the title, when you’re there, when we’re there, you can look up, see the distance, watch the games, the calendar, you can look at the situation at that time.” Continue “But at this moment we are out of the first four, so the point is now to get the necessary points to try to be at the end of December in a better position than the current one at the moment. I think we will be in a better position. “

Mourinho indicated the calendar as a factor in United’s low position. “The reality is that the way games arrive sometimes has an influence at a time,” said the Portuguese. “We had two games away – against Burnley and Watford – now we have the same – Bournemouth and Manchester City, we will have Juventus before Manchester City, we will have Valencia before Liverpool.” “In this part of the season we play against three biggest candidates for the title – Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City – so the calendar was not nice for us. But by the end of December, which is the end of the first half of the Premier League, we will not be in the position we are in now, it will be a better position “.

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