FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals Player Reviews & Tips for January

Posted on 04/01/2019 by admin

FUT Swap Lucas Perez

Perez, 84 overall, striker, good acceleration and sprint speed, a chemistry style can make him better, his shooting, in general, was nicely well-rounded, each attribute is over 80, 84 reactions, 84 ball control, and 83 in-game dribbling are decent, 73 stamina and 78 composure are a little low, but three tokens for this quality card is much worthy.

FUT Swap Maxwel Cornet

Cornet, 84 overall, right wing, great pace, incredibly fast, good shooting other than penalties and volleys, but that doesn’t really matter that much, the 81 ball control, 81 in-game dribbling, 88 agility and 85 balance are really nice, but he’s not got good reactions and composure, the five-star weak foot as well high work rates which is all right, so overall this is a quality card and three tokens it’s minimal, you will literally get three tokens by just naturally playing the game.

FUT Swap Danny Da Costa

Da Costa, 84 overall, Bundesliga right back, this is a very good card need 7 FIFA 19 FUT Swap Deals items for exchange, great pace, 93 sprint speed, 88 crossing and 80 passing really nice, when it comes to defensive stats, the 76 interceptions 69 balance are a little low, his defensive work is medium, he’s 6’2” high, the Sentinel on this card might be really good, 83 stamina is quite good for potentially midfielders and strikers, for a fullback might be a little bit on the low side, so whether to pick up him, it’s up to you.

FUT Swap Lautaro Martinez

Martinez, 84 overall, striker, four star weak foot and skill moves are nice, high medium attacking/defensive work rate, good pace, in general, decent finishing and shot power, long shots are not really great, balance, reactions and composure a little low a Sniper chemistry style would be great for this card, with a sniper it goes up to 89 positioning, 99 finishing, 93 agility, 78 balance, 85 composure, 83 reactions, he’s got good great strength and heading, this is a quality card but it require to cost you 9 tokens, it is not worth it, if he was 7 tokens or less, you can get a Martinez and a Da Costa card that would be worth it, but wasting 9 tokens for a striker where there really are so many strikers like this on the market, it’s not necessarily.

FUT Swap Moussa Dembele

Dembele, 87 overall, center midfielder, fantastic dribbling and passing, his shooting is good for a midfielder, great shot power, he’s got good sprint speed and acceleration, great strength 93, a little low stamina 72 stamina but with medium work rates it won’t be that bad, 85 interceptions and 86 stand tackle is very nice, this is a quality card other than the 2-star weak foot, it is also a top card and 14 FUT Swap tokens for this is fair.

FUT Swap Deals OTW Quincy Promes

Quincy Promes, 83 overall, left midfielder, although this also a good card, four star weak foot and five star skill moves, he has not to get an upgrade or an inform, and his first inform will be an 85, then into an 86, it will actually be fantastic, but for six tokens this is not very good at all, he isn’t this ones to watch card on the market, it’s about to crash if the TOTY would be released, for this card, he already has a purchasable card on the market that you can get for under 40K, it is not necessary so waste your FUT Swap items on this card, and because of this SBC, his price will probably drop, and you may be able to purchase him with about 30K FIFA 19 coins on the market and save the items for other FUT Swap Deals players in January.

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