FIFA 19 Carniball Guide: Event Schedule, Carniball Players, Themed SBCs, Promo Packs & Weekly Objectives Offers

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Carnival is a traditional Western Christian and Greek festival usually take places in February and March, now it is held in worldwide. In order to embody the Carnival spirit, FIFA 19 is going to pick up a team of players from selected major Carnival host country and launch lots of promo offers in Ultimate Team. Next, fifa coins website will bring you the FIFA 19 Carniball event guide with release schedule, Carniballers, promo offers including Prime ICON Moments, Flashback & Carniball player SBCs, packs, weekly objectives and more.

FIFA 19 Carniball Event Guide – FUT 19 Carniball release and end date

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Carniball event will start on March 8, 2019 and end on March 15, 2019. The event will last 8 days. FIFA 19 Carniball will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

With a 8-day promotion and various offers especially a series of Squad Building Challenges, which may has large demand of players who are from the selected countries or the high rated gold players with cheap price and more, there may be cause a market crash, you can grasp the opportunity to invest and earn or save FIFA 19 coins.

FIFA 19 Carniball Event Guide – FUT 19 Carniball Players/Carniballers

A total of 26 FIFA 19 players will be selected to embody the play style of the eight major Carnival countries: Brazil (Rio De Janeiro), France (Nice), Belgium (Binche), Italy (Venice), Argentina (Buenos Aires), USA (New Orleans), Spain (Cadiz) and Germany (Cologne). Among the 26 FIFA 19 Carniball players, 8 of them from each selected nation will be released as the rewards through Carniball Player SBCs, 14 of them will be available in packs and additional 4 will be revealed in Weekly Objectives.

Each Carniball player will get a significant ratings upgrade to reflect their play style.

FIFA 19 Carniball Event Guide – FUT 19 Carniball Promotion Offers

FIFA 19 Carniball Player Items

Here is the full list of FUT 19 Carniball Players:

FIFA 19 Carniball Prime ICON Moments SBCs

Here is the list of 6 FUT 19 Carniball Prime ICON Moments SBCs:

FIFA 19 Carniball Flashback players

Here is the list of 2 FUT 19 Carniball Flashback players:

FIFA 19 Carniball Promo packs & Lightning rounds

Here is the list and release schedule of FUT 19 Carniball packs offers:

FIFA 19 Carniball Weekly Objectives

Here is the list and release schedule of FUT 19 Carniball weekly objectives:

FIFA 19 Carniball Prime ICON Moments players

4 Prime ICON Moments items Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Roberto Carlos, which will be available in packs, represents the Brazilian football skill and flair.

All details will be updated soon once the official information is confirmed, please focus on us.

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