FIFA 18 World Cup A Group: Portugal Squad Introduction

Posted on 15/04/2018 by admin

We have talked about the FIFA 18 World Cup A Group Russia Squad and FIFA 18 World Cup A Group Egypt Squad before, and now we  going to talk about the FIFA 18 World Cup A Group Portugal Squad.

Portugal has became the champion of the EuroCup this year, which has Cristiano Ronaldo this super player on the lineup, can be said to be quite powerful, and there are a number of loyal fans from the Golden generation till now. The competition in Group B is not too intense. The strength of Portugal and Spain is obvious, and the other two African teams have a probability that they will not be able to escape the fate of go home. However, the title of the EuroCup in Portugal has some luck, and the number of major players are not in good state, it is a problem of how far they can go after qualifying.

Formation: 4-1-3-2
ST: Cristiano Ronaldo, Andre Silva
CDM: Joan Mario, Joao Moutinho, Bemardo Silva, William Carvalho
CB: R Guerrelro, Hose Fonte, Pepe, Cedric
GK: Rui Patricio

Cristiano Ronaldo, the leader of Portugal national team, the spokesperson for FIFA 18, is one of the world’s greatest peers in the football. Can be said, he is the legendary in many palyers’ minds.
Pepe, although he is 35 years old and has left five major league to move to Besiktas this season, but he still has good technique and full of experience. This season he has scored two goals.
For Portugal, the group’s qualifying is undoubtedly the minimum goal, but it must not be treat lightly.

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