FIFA 18 Tutorial: How to Score from Corners

Posted on 19/03/2018 by admin

How to improve the success rate of corners? How to switch the contact collaborator to control the position of the player? How to choose a corner kick? Let’s check the FIFA 18 Corners Tutorial.

First introduce the keys that need to be used, L1 to switch to the player, Left stick to select the ball placement, and control the ball players to take the position, L2 to call short corners collusion, □ to passing, O to shooting.

FIFA 18 Tutorial

What you want to do is pass it to the short option, and eventually score with the player on the edge of the box.

I don’t usually turn immediately once the short option receives the ball, I’m static for a split second and press R1/RB to call a second option (usually comes from inside the box from the near post). This is done in order to make it look like I’m going inside.

After that fake, look at my player on the edge of the box. He’s often unmarked moments after you put the ball in play. But do we have a passing lane open for him? Do we need to stall first?

If he’s open, turn towards him and do a driven pass (R1/RB + pass). If he’s not yet open, take a super light touch towards the byline, and then turn towards to player at the edge of the box and pass to him. If he’s just open the whole time, pass immediately.

Once this edge of the box guy has the ball, aim across the goal and unleash a powerful strike. It helps if you have a finesse shooter there because he does not need to set up his body as well. Keep in mind that this is a big long shot in front of a crowd of people. You have to give it a lot of power so that it can either be a goal or bounce off for another corner.

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