FIFA 18 TOTS Player Review – Neymar

Posted on 15/05/2018 by admin

The French professional player union announced the best player of the French League this season. Two hundred million Neymar beat his club teammates Cavani and Mbape. FIFA18 also launched the corresponding player card, then how is the stats this card? Here’s a look at the FIFA18 Ligue’s best Neymar stats for the season!

EA’s FIFA 18 tailored a brand-new player’s best player card for the best Neymar who had just won the best player of French League. This card has a very high ability value, and the comprehensive evaluation reached 97. And passing ability 97, shooting 98, dribbling 99, from the data point of view there is almost no short board, enough to rival Ronaldo and Messi.
In all major console, it is not easy to get Neymar this task through the task, and the gold coins to be spent are also different. The most expensive PC is 1.7 million. The PS4 and XBOX need 1.49 million and 1.47 million gold respectively.
Although defeated with Neymar’s best player in the league, the title of the best newcomer can be attributed to Mbape without any suspense. The French supernova, who is less than 20 years old, played 27 times in the league on behalf of Paris this season and scored 13 goals, plus 8 assists.

This card has a comprehensive abilities of 93, 97 PAC, 96 dribbling, 92 shottig, 90 passing. As a young player born in 1998, Mbappe is promising both in games and in reality.
In the upcoming World Cup, Neymar and Mbappe will also be the main candidates for their national team strikers. Looking forward to just getting the best players and best newcomers, they can bring us wonderful performances in the World Cup.

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