FIFA 18 Skill Tutorial: FIFA 18 Heel to Heel Flick Tutorial

Posted on 12/03/2018 by admin

What is the Heel to Heel ? What is the key points of using this skill move? And how to use Heel to Heel in-game playing? Today, we gonna share the technique and experience of this useful skill move: Heel to Heel, and hope this tutorial can help you with your skills in FIFA 18 game playing.

When it comes to the game, the player will be like a hungry tiger, and there will be an effect of going forward. This skill move seems to be moving forward, but there is a very small change in direction, which can provide a bit of the space required for breakthrough, but also doesn’t lose your speed at all. If you are a defender, it is really difficult to defense and predict.

To introduce the control method of heel to heel, it is simple and practical. We only need to pull the right stick forward and backward with a gently force. This is a 3-star skill move, and many defenders can do it.

For the beginners it is important to note that the direction of we talk here, is a relatively direction. It’s based on player’s direction, you should judge the direction of the player’s direction.

The most important thing about this skill move are the position and the distance. The defender may still be in front of us if you use it with a long distance. So we have to keep a suitable distance, then use it to create an offensive space.

The direction is very exquisite, It’s better not completely in the face of the opponent, you’d better keep some angles, the defender will be more difficult to defend and use heel to heel to hit the ball and dribble.

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