FIFA 18 News: FIFA 18 Previews

Posted on 15/06/2017 by admin

In this article, we will I will make the FIFA 18 prospects from the current evidence and other aspects, if you have some views on  the views of the text, then welcome to write your comments, thank you. We have reported that the FIFA 18 on the screen will enhance. EA SPORTS will be relatively conservative in the first works of changing the image engine.

I think there are several main considerations: 1. FIFA is a game which is very dependent on the real-time computing, in the choice of accepting or rejecting the screen it needs to balance, to avoid the unpredictable other problems caused by the higher picture effects. 2. The new engine needs to be marketed after the application of new engine for fermentation so as to get feedback. And as a support for the next development it must need the necessary data. 3. The team takes time to master the new engine. 4. Commercial products must be squeezed toothpaste, like the famous toothpaste factory Intel, you understand. Premature release of the engine potential will make several generations products in the following can not flourish, resulting in user visual fatigue, especially as FIFA game, which has not too many “scenes”. 5. There must be room for everything. Although Scorpio, PS4 Pro will expand this room a lot, most users still stay in the Xbox One / One S and PS4, FIFA in addition to the screen, there are many other aspects (such as AI), to leave space to enhance for the next few generations of products.

“FIFA 18” has confirmed that it will support the Switch platform, but EA did not disclose more screenshots and demonstrations that the game run on the Switch, and finally in today’s E3 scene, more pictures about the Switch version of “FIFA 18” flow out, foreign media and the official websites are exposed some Switch running “FIFA 18” screen.

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