FIFA 18 News: American Gamers Can Get 5 FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Packs For Free

Posted on 06/12/2017 by admin

Good news! If you are living in US, you are a lucky dog this month, as you have the chance to get 5 FIFA 18 UT packs without costing any FIFA Coins!

From yesterday to 15th December, on Coco Cola cans, you will find the promo code offered by EA sports, and you can use it in 7-Eleven stores!

Just entering your email address in the EA official website to get a code in the case that you are not willing to buy the drinks there.

Possibly you may get various packs, last year, there were also those packs that worthy 100 fifa coins. This year, here will also be a very exclusive Coca Cola pack waiting for you for the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, in addition, you also will get the chance to win the Russia 2018 World Cup.

It is a small pity that only PlayStation and Xbox players can take part in this activity, and it does not include the PC players, also, it is just for players living in America, so players from other countries cannot join in it.

Also one more thing, the maximum packs you can get is just 5, so, even though you enter the code from 5th to 15th December, you can just get 5 FIFA 18 Ultimate Team packs. Never mind, if you can join it, just grasp the chance to get the fut coins easily; also hope you are the luckest dog to get the Cristiano Ronaldo or FUT Icon in the packs!

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