FIFA 18 News: About the Artificial Intelligence AI

Posted on 22/06/2017 by admin

Once I have read such a sentence: the more settings for a product, the more proof on this product to show the great quality of this product. In some way, it is true. FIFA so far being so strong must benefit from its set of game engines. Many friends like to adjust the slider when playing a single machine, because it is so cool. And some friends playing the career mode also like to adjust the slider, because it is true. These sliders are actually the engine settings, it is a powerful embodiment. And there are more sliders in FIFA GAMES that are not open to the user, EA will be through the server to send these settings. Such as the adjustment of certain competencies of online games and so on.

The engine can be made in this way, it is indicating that it is open to public with a high degree. FIFA’s development team can easily put new ideas or ideas into it. For example, in the use of 4231 formation in FIFA 17. The players in LMRM positions in the defense will be recovered to a very deep position, while the recovery side of the side guard will be admitted. LM, LB, LCDM players will be in the restricted area near the corner to form a triangle of the defense area for mutual protection. For example, when your side offensive corner ball is changed into a defensive state, if you control the RM fall to the left back to the defense, the player in the original left side will automatically change the edge of the corresponding position on the right side of the defense. Such as the above, what is under the EA packaging is the annual engine publicity AI.

In FIFA 18, I believe that in this season, many of the British Premier League offensive and defensive techniques and tactics will be studied and eventually added into the game by the FIFA team engineers. Want to buy cheap fifa 18 coins? Just prepare for it.