FIFA 18 Closed Beta: Tips on Getting an Invite for FIFA 18 Beta Testing

Posted on 13/06/2017 by admin

It is known to all that the FIFA 18 will be released in 29th September 2017, UK time, and before the official launch of FIFA 18, EA will also launch the FIFA 18 Closed Beta testing, which will need a lot of FIFA gamers who are active in playing FIFA games help EA evaluate and review the latest FIFA 18, and these gamers are selected by EA sports according to some requirments. For the date to start the FIFA 18 Beta, it is predicted to be on August 20th, and 10 days after, it will be closed. And XBOX ONE users and PS4 users will have chances to join the FIFA 18 Beta Testing. So, now, you are to check the tips on Getting an Invite for FIFA 18 Beta Testing if you are interested in the FIFA 18 Closed Beta.

To get the Invite for FIFA 18 Beta Testing, you must be an active fifa gamer for the specific game mode, so you are suggested spending much time playing the same mode in FIFA 17, and one important thing is that you’d better play FIFA games online so that you can be tracked by EA to know that you are eligible.

In addition, as the FIFA 18 Beta Testing needs a handful of FIFA gamers all over the world to take part in the test, so the region you come from also is very important to be taken into consideration.

For the requirments to take part in the FIFA 18 CLOSED BETA:

You must be the FIFA 17 PS4 user or Xbox One user;

You must spend a lot of time playing FIFA and FUT online;

You must make sure that you can receive emails from EA Sports;

You must have good relations with EA Support or EA forums.

More tips on getting an Invite for FIFA 18 Beta Testing

Suscribing EA news, products, events, and promotions on EA’s contact preference page;

Playing FUT and compete in FUT championship frequently;;

Getting into FUT DIV 1 and stay there.

Playing FIFA 17 Online Session

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