FIFA 15 coins—The 3D Scanning Technology Used to Make FIFA 15 Players

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin

During the past several month, 3D scanning has been used in the 3D printing space to increase the steam. We can pay attention to the newspaper that every week we are reporting on yet , and it is easy to find that there is another company that is using 3D scanning to make the life-like replicas of the players. Nowadays, because the 3D scanning has arrived a point, we can use the 3D scanning to create the digital replicas of the players, including the players’ faces, objects, and even the internal body tissue.


It is a good way for the gamers who are familiar with video games to verify the facts that every year, the players in their games are becoming more and more life-like. The individual players look and act just like the player show in the real life. There is no doubt that the high tech 3D scanners has increased the precision.

FIFA 15 3D

The forthcoming game, EA Sports is going to be released on September 26th. At the same time, the company make up its mind to lay stress on giving publicity to the 3D scanners have tremendous abilities because they cooperated with the 3DPRINTUK company and they can make use of the 3D print four different Premier League players by scanning the players and use the players’ model in their lasting game.

3DPRINTUK to explained that they love a challenge, and as they were given a timescale of just over a week to get them printed, we were given one. We can see the heads are big and they are almost as big as our build tray, and we have no choice but to make sure that we can satisfy all of the other orders that we had.

EA Sports applied their 3D scanning technology to copy the heads of more than Premier League athlete. All of this just to make the players in games appear more life-like than ever before. The former games players are just similar to their real-life selves, but not the same as the real players. For example, you can hope to see when FIFA 15 hits the shelves later next month.

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