FIFA 15 Coins —Part one: Fifa 15 hands on from the physicals and physicality

Posted on 21/02/2017 by admin

Fifa 15 vaunt a series of changes in the control mechanics and ball physics, while the emotional interactions which are from scuffles to celebrations are the most conspicuous additions. The deep which the ball drops in is the half of Liverpool. At first, there is a brief increase, a moment of scare, and then the defender make it roll in the touchline. At the same time, it hits Manchster City’s Samir Nasri’s shoulder and it was ruled out of play. For the rest of the match, the ball crosses the touchline again because of the track between Lovren and Kolarov. The city player believes that the throw is going to be giveb to Liverpool and there are a trend to complain the ref. However, the decision goes through the roof, and he draws back at once.


There are small dramatic moments, and we can see this kind of things every weekend of upcoming season. However, they show us a completely new elements of the simulation in the Fifa series. Every year the EA Sports’s team tells us something on major overhauls in Vancouver, and every year we are bound to look them in sideways.

Nevertheless, I played at Gamescom in a few of matches and I can clear that there are some of the big boasts: the ball physics has been remake and the emotional description about player models has been confirmed.  The Modern football is not so much a sport as a theatrical performance, while the Fifa team realizes this. And it’s a much fascinating stuff.

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