Best Formation to Use in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Posted on 08/11/2019 by admin

I always use something that gives me control of the midfield, as long as you have fast forwards you can get some through balls or crosses where you need it.

ok, yusuf is correct. if youre starting a game with a low rated team go with 4–1–2–1–2. make sure your forwards are good dribblers. make sure your rb and lb are rwb and lwb. bellering works REALLY well in this, so does ciro immobile.

bellerin is good at crossing, dribbling, and winning the ball. immobile is good at possession, and vision. while he may miss some of the shots he takes, he’s really good if you start the game with long ball and team pressing. he was 3rd in goals and 1 in assists.

i did a run with newport county and i bought some chinese national team players huan zichang is the most notable. he’s a free agent so he can join without a transfer fee. you can also ask to loan aleix febas, you can buy daniel james, you can also buy gribbin. theyre good dribblers and are cheap.

also another tip, boxall is a really good cb in the rb position and is also a free agent. bejarano is 66 and also a free agent he’s good with possession. liu yimming is amazing as a starting cb because he’s above 6 feet and has saved my team soooo many times.

believe me, i beat manchester united with these. my heart was racing all game, but this formation and 5–3–2 can be real life savers. you might also want to try 4–3–2–1 as the 4 mid wingers can help alieviate pressure from the mid by forcing the play on the wings and with long ball tactic you can get a good cross that leads your cam or striker with low opposition.

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