92 Futties Winner Kostas Manolas Player Review

Posted on 08/08/2018 by admin

Today, we’ll be looking at FUTTIES Winner Kostas Manolas.

In a surprising turn of events, Manolas snuck past Eric Bailly to claim this 92-rated item, and looks like one of the best CBs in the game. He’s unlockable via a weekly objective — winning 9 online seasons games will get you this greek god.

His in–game stats are truly incredible:

Two of the stats that look really impressive to me are his agility and his balance — without any boosts, he looks like he’ll be great on the ball, and not clunky at all.

I stuck a shadow on him, giving him 99 pace and defending, thus acutally making him one of the best defenders you can possibly get.

Let’s take a look at his pros and cons:

Pace: Good. Lord. He’s so fast in-game, it’s terrifying. He’s genuinely on par with the TOTS/TOTY Ramos item this year in this category, and it’s incredible. He can catch up with any attacker, and he’ll recover from any mistake. It’s perfect.

Dribbling: Feels really good on the ball. He’s agile, nimble, easy on the turn, and capable on the dribble. I love how this item feels in-game. He can jockey and follow opponents with ease, and once you’ve dispossessed an opponent, you should have no problem retaining the ball.

Defending: Perfect. He reads every pass, wins every tackle, tracks every run. He’s a rock at the back, and you’ll have no issues defensively if you have him.

Physical: Really strong in-game, and rarely overpowered/dominated by attackers. He’s stronger than the vast majority of attackers, and he’s faster than the rest, so they’ll never get past him.

Passing: Not a great distributor of the ball. The short passes are alright, but the longer balls are very hit and miss. You should pair him with a more elegant CB (Ramos, Thiago Silva, Maldini) that can play out of the back, and just use Manolas as a tank at the back.

Links: Really clutching at straws for this one — he’s got those strong links to De Rossi and Nainggolan, but the Calcio A doesn’t realy have an abundance of meta RBs and LBs. You can use the De Rossi/Kolarov/Manolas triangle (as I did), and that worked fine, but Kolarov isn’t the best LB around. And on the right, you’ll have to settle for the NIF Florenzi. He’s also not great too many great goalkeeper links — the TOTS Alisson is OK, but he can be trash at times — so you’re going to have go full Calcio A, or hybrid him with De Rossi, Nainggolan or Kolarov.

Shooting: Not important for a CB, but it’s hilarious how bad his shooting is.

He’s sensational — truly one of the elite CBs in FUT 18. He’s fast, strong, incredible defensively, good on the ball, and you can get him for free. He’s just a little below the TOTS/TOTY Ramos, FoF/PTG Varane, TOTS/FoF Silva, Maldini and Ferdinand items this year, but he’s really, really good.

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